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Cocktail bar



We are excited to offer our guests a wide selection of cocktails at our bar counter.

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing aperitif, a post-dinner drink to enjoy in good company, or even to dine directly at the bar, we are ready to cater to your preferences.

We take pride in providing a complete experience at our bar counter, where you can enjoy a quality beverage, whether it’s one of our fresh craft beers or a carefully crafted cocktail by our skilled bartenders. Allow our bar counter staff to guide you and discover the offerings we have in store.



Our craft beer production is one of our specialties. We offer you a variety of fresh beers, produced directly in our brewery. We are passionate about quality beer and work meticulously to create brews that are aromatic and satisfying for our customers.

Our M di Gin

Our specialty

In addition to our craft beers, our cocktail menu features a creative selection of drinks that
incorporate gin and local ingredients. One of our distinctive offerings is the ``M by Gin`` Gin, a unique creation of ours that combines the aroma of wild berries, the delicacy of chamomile, and the sweetness of elderflowers.
This special gin embodies our commitment to blending high-quality local ingredients to
craft distinct and enjoyable beverages.