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We are delighted to share our passion for traditional cuisine with a fresh and innovative touch.

In our brewery and restaurant, we have worked diligently to create a menu that celebrates the authentic flavors of our region while offering a unique and memorable culinary experience.

Our chefs are dedicated to the local culinary tradition and are committed to using fresh, highquality ingredients. They skillfully reinterpret traditional recipes with creativity, adding innovative elements to strike the perfect balance between authenticity and originality.

We are committed to keeping the local culinary traditions alive, highlighting the typical ingredients of our region.


We use local and seasonal products to ensure freshness and authentic flavor in our dishes. Additionally, we aim to support local producers and promote sustainability through our food choices.

We are confident that our dishes, reimagined with a fresh and innovative touch, will surprise and delight your palates. The culinary experience in our restaurant is designed to be unique and unforgettable, where tradition and creativity come together to offer a true celebration of our rich gastronomic heritage.

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The cozy dining areas are designed to welcome customers who want to enjoy a quick lunch, savor a craft beer, or have dinner in a cheerful atmosphere. Each dining area is meticulously furnished and features details that reflect our passion for beer and the history of the Madonna di Campiglio locality.

Our menu is a tribute to our region, which boasts a rich culinary heritage. We offer a selection of dishes that celebrate local flavors and culinary traditions. From regional specialties to creative reinterpretations, every dish is crafted using fresh and high-quality ingredients, carefully chosen to enhance the authentic flavors of our land.